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Why Intranet Ownership Matters

by Paula Darch on April 19, 2016

Why intranet ownership matters part 4 of 9 Effective Intranet Series

Who owns the intranet within organisations is a question many forget to ask, but agreeing intranet ownership from the outset can really help intranet professionals position their intranet to the business. We’ve brought together a number of suggestions from intranet managers on how you can encourage intranet ownership. You can see the full list of ideas by downloading our free guide to managing your intranet.

1) Intranet Ownership

Everyone within the organisation should feel that they own the intranet. The Intranet Manager maybe the person with ultimate responsibility but without everyone getting involved, colleagues will become disengaged.

2) Encouraging Ownership

Encouraging intranet ownership should start with new starters. By making the intranet part of the induction process, new starters will have to complete their own profiles and locate induction documentation on the intranet.

3) Steering Groups

The intranet steering group plays a key role in encouraging intranet ownership and for the development of the Intranet roadmap. Aligning the intranet objectives to help the organisation deliver against its overall business objectives. Each member of the group are intranet ambassadors and should be promoting the intranet to colleagues and encouraging engagement. Our intranet managers agreed that the Steering Group should meet every quarter and should include the senior sponsor.

4) Tone of Voice

To help everyone adopt the intranet, tone of voice is important. Welcoming, friendly copy will encourage intranet ownership. Your content contributors should be trained on how to write great content for the intranet.

5) Video Content

The use of video is an important element of encouraging intranet ownership for your intranet. Imagery, video and design all contribute to an exciting positive user experience which will in turn support ownership.

You can get the full list of ideas that our intranet managers came up with by downloading our free intranet guide. If intranet ownership is something that you want to address on your intranet you may find our intranet governance document useful.


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