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Why Intranets Are Great for Human Resources

by Paula Darch on May 22, 2016

intranets are great for HR Managers

Great intranets can exceed expectations, change business processes, enhance cultures and increase productivity and improve the engagement from everyone within the organisation. Today though I want to highlight why intranets are great for Human Resources. If you would like further inspiration we offer free half day intranet showcase events which enable you to see how other organisations have benefited from their intranets.

5 Reasons why intranets are great for human resources:

1. Employee Data Collation and Management 
HR Managers have a responsibility to securely collect employee personal information and ensure this is maintained. The intranet enables employees to update their own personal information and have access whenever they need to. This can include managing holiday bookings and absences.

2. Information Management
Creating, managing and distributing important company policy information, job descriptions and company benefits is a key role of HR. All of this can be managed via the intranet, ensuring only the latest version of key documentation is easily searched, found and accessed by everyone within the organisation.

This can be brought to life with short videos highlighting key policies or changes, training videos on how the holiday booking system works or even how annual appraisals work and reminding everyone what needs to be actioned by when.

3. Training and E Learning

On-boarding and continual development can all be managed via the intranet. Given teams today can be at different locations and different countries, it is sometimes very difficult to get everyone together at one location at the same time. Your intranet is great for on-boarding new staff as you can provide access to key documentation and policies, maybe provide an actionable list of tasks they need to complete. Once they have read, watched and completed key tasks you could ask them to complete an on-boarding questionnaire confirming they understand key policies.The intranet could also be the go to place to find out about latest training opportunities, both externally and internally and enable staff to request a place and seek budgetary approval if needed. For further inspiration on how you can benefit further read our client One Stop’s Case study.

4. Recruitment 
Managing and recruiting for vacant posts in larger organisations can be complex and costly. Publishing vacancies on the intranet and communicating this to everyone is a great way to boost engagement and also help to recruit internally and enhance the organisational culture of professional development.

5. Encourage Feedback and Engagement
Our final top benefit is enabling two way communication and feedback as this is essential to boosting engagement. Intranet Polls, question and answers and collaborative working are all achievable via the intranet are great ways of encouraging usage.

I hope you have found our top 5 HR intranet benefits useful. If you would like further inspiration we offer free half day intranet showcase events which enable you to see how other organisations have benefited from their intranets.

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